Making space for the hut

We need a hut in the garden to store all the things we keep in the garage to be able to convert it into a room.  We ordered a 10 by 6 hut at the weekend which gets delivered on the 5th February.  We are still undecided where the hut is going to go.  In the strong winds a few weeks ago one of our trees blew down. which gives us the option of putting the hut at that end of the garden.


We spent last weekend chopping it up and filling all the neighbours wheelie bins.  Today Mark dug out the roots ready for the slabs getting laid later this week.


4 thoughts on “Making space for the hut”

  1. Love it!! Are we going to get regular updates through this blog?! I feel we need to catch up more often. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help. Hope this message gets to you!


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