My table has gone

When we moved here 11 years ago one of our first purchases was an L shaped Ikea (gallant) table.  I remember using masking tape to check it would fit in.  It has been well used for the computer and many crafting projects.  However, recently it has become a dumping ground and we decided to create the living space we need we are no longer going to have space for this table.

My brother is working from home and has cleared space so he can use the table.  He popped round on Saturday night and we took the table to bits and transported it to his house.  I am sure we brought it back from ikea in our skoda but it just wouldn’t fit in the boot so in the end we had to tie the boot shut and he followed me to his house – but Marks reef knots were good!


It is just as well we managed to get it out the house as our builder popped round this afternoon to drop off some equipment and said they are going to start late next week.   Now need to speed up the clearing of the garage and back room as his plan is to put a stud wall where our breakfast bar is so he can work without disturbing us in the short term.

5 thoughts on “My table has gone”

  1. I’m pleased to report the table has settled in well to it’s new surroundings albiet in a slightly different configuration. We are easing it in to life with the Horslie’s with just a printer to keep to keep it company for now, however it will be all systems go on Thursday when Colin is working from home!! Thank you again xx


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