Day 5

It was a cold start to Day 5 as the heating didn’t work last night.  Everyone went to bed with extra blankets and bed socks and were cosy. It makes you realise how much you take the central heating for granted.  There was still hot water last night so I was optimistic for a shower this morning but no such luck – so ended up having the quickest cold shower!

The heating was fixed very quickly as the pilot light had gone out but as it is now outside we couldn’t have fixed that.  The boiler is on the left side of the picture below, the builders have protected it.  The hot water took longer as there was an air lock but by 4.15 the plumbers fixed it and we are now warm again!



The windows and door have also gone from the back room.

After the heating was fixed the porch came away, the internal door has now been boarded up and mortis lock fitted so we are secure.  A bit draughty but our next door neighbours have given us their ikea snake draft excluder and hopefully Rosey has a pair of long curtains in the attic.



B loved walking the plank to get to the front door.

IMG_5239  IMG_5243

You can now see the outline of the extension where the monoblocks have have been taken away, they  are being stored to hopefully make the drive way look good at the end.  Digger comes tomorrow to start digging the foundations

Mark had a selection of football posters in the garage and the builders have kept his FC Bayern one as a momento!

IMG_5242  IMG_5241

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