Day 22

Drains are all ready for testing on Monday. You can see where the toilet will be and the shower. Really interesting to see what happens underneath your house.    Looking forward to seeing another kitchen design tomorrow. 


Day 21

All systems go today, I think the sun shining has made all the difference ☀️  The drainage inspectors came and have granted permission for the drainage to stay as it is. The builder can now finish the drains at the front. Then the inspector comes back to test the finished drainage system and the holes can all be filled in.  

The back of the house had all been tidied up, it is great having such neat builders. 

The brick layer was back, it is now taking shape. 

B is most excited about the sloping plank to the house. 

Day 20

Lots of progress today as the bricklayer came and started the walls. So you can see the footprint clearly of the front of the house. 

Mark and I have been looking at kitchens over the last few months and decided we needed to start making some decisions before our builder tells is he needs the kitchen. 

I had an appointment with a kitchen designer at b&q so was great to see visually what the space could look like.  We can now go online and change units and work surfaces and find a combination we like.  We have another appointment with magnet in Saturday morning so will be interesting to see how different the ideas are.  We are now making a wish list and prioritising what we need. 

Day 19

It didn’t look  like anything had happened when I got home today until we got to the door and saw the foundations are in. Hopefully this means things will speed up now 😄

Day 18

Not much has happened today as our builder is waiting for the final approval from the drain inspector who is not back at work for four more days. 

The bricks have arrived and a bricklayer is coming on Wednesday so hopefully it will all start to take shape then. 

Day 17

The drain inspector has been today and everything is fine.  This is a picture ken drew today to show what was happening with our drains. All new drains are now in place.

Here is a new drain at the back 

It looks like the foundations are starting to take shape. Hopefully the builders can get on with building now the drains are sorted.  

Day 15 & 16

With both mark and I working this week during the day we haven’t seen the builders to find out what has been happening so all guess work from the photos and texts. 

The new drain went in today and there is a drain inspector coming out tomorrow morning so hopefully all ok. 

There seems to be a hose hanging from the eaves, not sure what for will try and find out.