Day 48

What was supposed to be a busy day today turned out not to be. The roofers were supposed to start today but turns out they aren’t coming until next Tuesday. Not a problem as the house won’t be secure until the roof is on and windows are in and they are not coming until next week. 

Screed has been put down in what was the garage. 


The stonemason was back and is almost finished. Hopefully he will finish tomorrow and then needs to pick the best day to come back and put the pointing in. 


We sat with Kevin when I came home from work to discuss the next stages. We have chosen all the Sanitaryware for the shower room. Just need to wait for prices back to see if it is in budget!  They plan on putting the wall up between our lounge and kitchen next week to allow them to start moving the kitchen. The electrician is coming to disconnect the electricity in the kitchen to allow it to be stripped out so time to stock up the freezer with food that can be microwaved😀

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