Day 43

Lots of changes today. I came home from work to find the fridge in the hall and the shoe boxes in the living room.  

This is to give space so the builders can remove the bit of wall that is going and put in a new steel. 

Here is the wall from the other side almost cut away.   

The doorway from the toilet is now fully formed.   

Lastly the brick work is coming along nicely. 




Day 42

The gable end is now finished.   

And the slats are all on the roof ready for the roofers to come soon. 


The roof space is looking huge. Our architect was round today and suggested we should consider a Velux window. Howeve as it is only for storage we are going to leave that. 


The stonemason has started to to the brick work at the front.  

Lastly they have broken through into the downstairs toilet to create the space for the door to the new room. It is boarded up just now for security. 

From the other side.  


Day 41

Work continued today on then roof with the slats starting to go in at the back. 


The stonemasons have finished the bricking up the gable wall.  Yellow stones were delivered today for the front of the house.   

Back at work tomorrow and am going to miss seeing the work in progress each day. I don’t think the builders will miss my million questions. 

Day 40

It doesn’t feel like 40 days that the builders have been here. Can’t believe that is the equivalent of 8 weeks. However really taking shape today.

At the back the black material has been attached.  

Builders have been up on the roof 


 Front half is now finished just need to do the back then felt and tile it. 



Day 39

we all had a great time at Olly Murs yesterday.  We were standing at the edge of the breakout stage in pink below.  He sat right in front of us to sing let me in. 


Lots of progress on the roof today.  Bricklayers back working on the left hand side. 


The pitch at the back is all now in place. 



The view from the back window today


Day 38

Early blog today as we are just heading off to the Olly Murs concert, two very excited kids. 

Work is continuing on the roof, builders happy the rain has stopped and the sun has come out.  


The plumber came this morning to take out the downstairs toilet, sink and radiator.  This is to prepare for the door when they knock through. 



Looking forward to seeing what else happens when we get back. 

Day 37

There has been a lot of work at the front of the roof and I couldn’t workout how the back was going to connect with the steel that had been set in the concrete. Well today the blacksmith came. This photo was taken when we popped back after lunch. B got to try on the helmet. 


Then when we came back this evening the steels were all up and the builders had started on the roof.   

Here is what it looks like from the upstairs window.