Day 36

After realising that they will break through to the house in two weeks some decluttering happened this weekend. Kitchen cupboards now only have the minimal and storage space identified in the living room for when the kitchen goes. A few more boxes and pictures went to mums and spent some time sorting the room we are using there to allow her easier access. 

I have a lot of work to do in May and decided the best way to do this would be to have a desk in or bedroom so it doesn’t matter what state downstairs is in. One trip to ikea later and we have a fab desk that fits over the old toy box and will hopefully be used in the garage room for the PC.   

The computer will hopefully move up there tomorrow to keep it dust free and have bought a power line adapter kit to allow the internet there. 

The bricklayer was back today and the wall exists where the door will be attahed at the back. 

Lots of work on the roof and this picture from the  upstairs windows shows the roof space. 



Day 35

The sun shone again today and the builders achieved a lot.  

The front of the roof is in place.   

Concrete arrived in a big lorry and is now forming the floor in the back room and our step from the back door.  


Lots of measuring and the space for the door into the garage room has been marked out.  


Had a chat about timescales. They think it will take the next two weeks to get the roof completed. The windows are being ordered and will be here in ten days which will mean it will be water tight.  Kitchen is going to get delivered on the 29th May so we are going to start decanting some more stuff (watch this space mum😊) ready for them coming through in two weeks. 

Day 33

The steel beam is now in position at the top of what will become the new roof. Builders are pleased as the height fits perfectly above the window to allow our door to access the roof space from the hall. 



The right hand wall above is now ready for insulation. 

Day 32

After weeks of looking at kitchens and hours spent on the internet researching we have finally ordered our kitchen. We went with the one we all liked the best in magnet.  Feels great to have finally made the decision. However can still make changes up to three weeks before delivery so might just double check I have the best appliances for us😊

Woke up this morning with some men looking at the building work. Assuming they were involved I went out to offer tea. Our builder asked me who they were turns out they were working on the job across the road and had come to the wrong house. 

Our builders worked hard today to get the timber frame up and some of the roof.  Windows getting ordered this week so should be water tight soon. 




Day 31

Had a great Easter weekend. Magnet and B&Q phoned us to offer us money off their quotes or some free appliances. Lots of decisions to make. We got our third kitchen quote into today so to help make the decision I went back to magnet to look at the cupboards and worktop again. Needless to say I have changed some of the appliances from a 4 to 5 zone induction hob and went for an AEG oven so need to sit tonight and look up the different appliances and decide on what we really need.

The garage door has now gone. After trying to sell it on gumtree and someone emailing looking for it really cheap we have sold it to our new neighbour in the next street. 


A fab sunny day here today, the structure is now covered and they have started on the back.   


The doorway at the front is now really clear.   

It has been nice being at home today seeing it all happen, looking forward to seeing what else happens this week. 

Day 30

sorry no blog yesterday, the builders didn’t come as they needed to wait another 24 hours for the concrete to fully harden.  The only activity was the delivery of more wood. 


Back to work today  though and lots of progress. 


The bathroom window looked really high yesterday but is the perfect height.   Here is a few from the back to the front.    

Holidays now for us all builders back on Monday.