Day 67

Early post today as the guys are finished. They have worked darn hard this week so well deserved.  E was most pleased when the muscular, tattooed electrician arrived. Nice smile, down the stairs she went and gave him his cup of coffee. Walking back up the stairs towards me, smile is gone and she says, “He smokes, forget it.”  Brilliant. 

So, the sparkys were here to prepare electrics for the bathroom and garage room. 

Meanwhile Kevin and Jamie did the walls in the bathroom and hall cupboard. 

Looking good and almost everything ready for the plasterer on Monday.  I went to Howdens today to order a work top for the utiliy room. was hoping for beech but that is discontinued so white it is.  Not wanting to spend too much on it as it is only the utility room.  I picked up a catalogue for doors that is as thick as a telephone directory so am glad there is not too much choice!! 

Right, B at park with friends, E at ballet rehearsals and Karen at work. night shift tonight so time for a quick snooze.   Do I set my alarm????????


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