Day 68

  1. I am back blogging as mark has been out running the balerno rigg 10k run tonight. I am very impressed he did it as he only had 3 hours sleep before we dropped the kids at the childminders and went to CTD tiles at polworth.  As we drove up in our two cars it was closed with a sign saying not open until 9 because of the bank holiday.  I went back after my meeting and found a fab grey stone effect tile.  I brought a sample home and mark will go back tomorrow and order. There is plenty of stock so they will get delivered on Wednesday ahead of fitting on Saturday. Here is the sample tile on the shower room floor.  To avoid the problem with the 16week drying time for the screed a raised floor has been put down ready for the tiles.   The shower room has all the walls ready as well as the floor and the ikea sink was built today.   

4 thoughts on “Day 68”

    1. Rigg race is a 10k race starting at currie rugby club running up the hill almost to the reservoirs then along the ‘rigg’ road and it comes out at the road opposite our road end and finishes back where it started. Will let you know for Chris next year. If you keep running maybe we could join them!


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