Day 72

The sink is now plumbed in so was great to get up this morning and be able to wash the dishes in the sink. I have got the cupboards cleaned and have put some of the plates and cups in there. Washing machine is plumbed in just need to sort the extension cable (thanks mum and dad) and get a wash on. Although mark managed to get mum to wash his football strips this afternoon!   Thanks to both mums for helping out with all our washing over the last few weeks. We are going to miss everything coming back so neatly folded and ironed and all e and b socks the right way out. 

Plasterer brought reinforcements today, his dad and brother and between them have finished most of the plastering only the living room and hall to do next week.   

Builders had planned on narrowing the hall window to make a hatch but after marks suggestion to make it more a door shape they decided to do this and now have a fab door shape ready for a door.  The pipes have also be been boxed in. 

 The kitchen has arrived.  It was due for delivery between 8-8 not ideal with us both at work so dad was on stand by to come up when the builders left. However it came before they left so they have it all organised ready for installation to start on Monday.  

   Looking forward to the tiler coming tomorrow. 


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