Day 66

Busy busy day here with school activities and trying to organise Gala football and Rigg race and then having to think about more important things like ordering tiles.  Tiler came today and gave a cost for the work and suggested CTD to go to as he gets a good discount. We went there a couple of weeks ago and liked them so we have decided just to go there as there are so many places to choose from we could go on forever. He is coming back a week on Saturday so need to get our butts into gear to choose a tile. Now the difficulty is going to be when to go and choose them.  This weekend is out but they open at 0730 during the week so that is our only option. Don’t tell the kids!

Builders busy again today and finished off the plasterboard for the garage room.   We can now get a good idea of the size.  Narrow but will be just fine for what we need it for. 

When the tiler came this afternoon he mentioned the fact that the screed will take 16 weeks to dry before he could put tiles on the floor of the bathroom as it would raise them.  Not good but hopefully we will be able to build a frame alternative and put in waterproof insulation that will be approved by people that approve things.  Don’t fancy the thought of 16 weeks without a proper floor. 

Wall was finished in the living room too. 

Karen back now but I have been given permission to continue blog.  Woop Woop. That is it for today folks. Friday tomorrow but it will be Nightshift for me.  Think I will see if the builders can put a silencer on their hammers and nail guns so I can have a snooze 😜😜


Day 65

Guten Tag everyone. Hope you are having a good day.  All good here at one more  Builders finished for the day and this is going to be a short post as there is not too much to tell and I have sworn several times whilst typing this paragraph.  

Guys on good form today and have finished the walls in the dining area and back room.  

The observant ones will have noticed AAAARRRGGGHHH 😡😡😡😡😡 Why is this ipad not typing what I want it too?  I do not have chunky fingers!  And relax.  Anyway, the observant ones will have noticed that the doors to the dining area have been taken off as building regulations state that the door has to be wide enough for wheelchair access.  Our stairs do not comply but they are pre existing so are fine.  The difference??  Who knows?  Need to start thinking about what doors we want.  

Wall in living room is going to be finished tomorrow and they will work on utility room too, or maybe they said Friday. I was listening Karen, honestly.  Plasterer comes on Monday to start on back room and dining area.  That will be messy so I will make my escape. 

Got a couple of sample tiles for bathroom that we think will go on floor and walls – whole of shower walls and halfway up other walls.  What do you think?  Tile on left or right?

That is it for today. Off to sort Gala football fixtures which is actually far more stressful than this building work😉😝

Day 64

Greetings one and all, it’s me again.  Wow, my legs are stiff after last nights match and my big toe is throbbing after getting kicked as well as the blister on the other side of it.  And did I mention that I bit my tongue whilst being kneed in the back of the head and getting cramp in my left calf, all at the same time?  All good though cos I am now days off now so I bought some beers to have tonight when kids have gone to bed and I can chill.

Better get the blog done first though.  Did not see anyone again today but phoned and spoke to Kevin and he seems happy with how it is all going.  We have a new shower – 

He says it works so I will test it later.   More plaster board has gone up in the rooms  and kitchen and on the steel supports.

Insulation has arrived for the attic so that will hopefully be getting done this week.  

Think that might be all for today.  Have done the ballet run and now it is football.  Thanks Auntie Jo for tea and thanks to Granny and Grandad for looking after kids. 

Day 63

…….. In the Big Brother house and it is Mark reporting.  It is a late one tonight as I was playing football.  As I write I sit here in pain with a sore back but that may be due to age!  Sadly we lost 4-2 but it was a good game.  They had good, fit players and our average age was in the 40’s.  Still, it was a good game and we enjoyed it.  I think a few of us will struggle to walk tomorrow though and a blister on my big toe will not help me.  It ends our two match unbeaten run and we need to get fit for the next one on the 27th. 

However I can hear Karen saying that no one is interested in my football but want to see what is happening with the house today.  It is always difficult when none of us see the builders so we just have to rely on what we see.  The tile has been replaced in the upstairs bathroom ready for the new shower tomorrow. 

More plaster board has gone up in the back room and garage room as well as the ceilings. 

 The utility room is taking shape and much to the kids disappointment it has been blocked off so they cannot get through from the front door. 

And from what I can see that is that for today. What do you think tomorrow will bring? Oh we wait with baited breath……….

Day 62

Only the builders here today but still plenty to be getting on with.  They have put the plasterboard on the walls in the back room. 

The facia has also been completed on the roof at the front and back. 

Shower getting ready for replacement on Tuesday. We have other plans in place to keep clean till then!

Luckily the in laws chose the same bathroom tiles as us many years ago so ready made replacements have been found! 

Karen is away at the start of the week so I have been trusted to take over the blog for the next few days.  I do not take it as seriously as Karen and don’t take pictures the second I get home but I will do my best to keep our followers, and in particular Karen, happy. 

Roofer back tomorrow to finish off. 

Day 61

All tradesmen have been here today. Electricians have finished all the preparation work and will come back when the walls are plastered. 

The stonemasons were back and have pointed the front of the house it looks fab. There are little plastic bits at the top and the bottom which he explained allow air to circulate the cavity.  

All chipboard flooring is done so no more holes in floor or  planks to balance on (B is a bit disapointed)


Plumbers finished off the prep, plumbing in place for dishwasher and sink and the outside tap has been moved. They flushed the system but because there was a change in number of pipes there was a change in pressure and the shower which was put  in for a low pressure system has caused it to finally give up.  The replacement arrived last week so that will get fitted on Tuesday.  Will motivate me to get up and have a swim before work tomorrow.  Balerno Gala swimming will give e and b a good clean this weekend. 😊  

Day 60

Slightly later start to work today as had a meeting so saw the electrician team arrive. Was good to see them to discuss the lighting for the kitchen as didn’t order that from magnet. 

Came home to lots of wires dangling and in walls. Lots of progress.  

The builders stayed out the way and out the fascia on at the front of the house. Pleased about this as it was a bit chilly last night without the old internal door.  

Stopped off at magnet on the way home to sign all the paperwork so all set for the kitchen to be delivered on the 29th.