Day 87

Howdy campers, how is everyone?  Mark is back today to give you an update, mainly to give you news of a miscommunication between Karen and I.  I would just like to state for the record that on this occasion I am 100% correct and it was Karen not paying attention!!  

When choosing a splash back for the kitchen I fancied the lime green but was over ruled by the girls but was then offered that wall to be painted that colour instead.  Sounded good to me.  So when it came to choosing the paints for the walls we selected various colours one morning before Karen left for work and I went to pick them up from the paint shed. This morning when Karen phoned for a progress report I was delighted to tell her that the lime green was on the wall.  Ha ha she says, very funny, we did not decide on lime green.  Oh yes we did, you said yes when I pointed to it on the paint chart.  This conversation went on for a minute before Karen realised I was being serious!  Oops.  Anyhoo, it is on now and I have to say is looking fab, an inspired choice by me. There is lots of it left too, so where shall I paint the rest??????

I managed to cut the grass this morning so the gardens look a little better although the front is in need of some major tlc. 

Robbie back tomorrow to do more painting and maybe, just maybe, Currys will deliver the freezer!  Delivery time between 0715 and 1115.  Not holding my breath………..

Day 86

Kevin and Jamie were back today taking away the last of their stuff. The garden is back to normal we just need to tidy it up.   

They did lots of tidying up jobs. The last kitchen cupboard has been put on  

Sealant has been put on at the side of the front door. What a difference it has made.  

  The replacement frame came for the back window so that is all finished too. They have also put in on the drain pipes at the back.   

Day 85

E,B and I all left the house this morning and didn’t notice the skip had gone. (Although our neighbour heard it being picked up at 6.30am). Mark has now swept the driveway and the car is back in. Just need to get the wheels bins back round  them side of the house.   

Our painter is doing a great job and is using  lots of white paint on the plaster. The utility room is completely finished  with all coats on.   

He will be back next Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday to hopefully paint the living room and add the colour to the other rooms. 

Mark has been busy varnishing the new doors. Three down three more to go tomorrow.  

Day 84

It was a strange day yesterday coming home to an empty house. While our builders have been super clean and tidy it was fab not having to wipe down dust in the kitchen before making tea.  However, back to cleaning today.

The plasterer came and finished some bits in the hall and has plastered the living room.  

The painter arrived at 8.30 this morning and has started putting the first coat on the plastered walls. What a difference it makes. So glad we decided not to tackle this ourselves as I came home to no mess and the shower room, new hall and back room all painted with the first coat.   

Mark has been to the paint shed and got all the emulsion and acrylic paint for the kitchen and shower room.  Ben and I nipped back down at 4.30 to get more paint for the plaster as the painter has already used 15 litres  as he is needing more than he thought because the plaster soaking it up.   He is going to finish all the undercoat this week and will come back next week to do colours. 
Some amtico spacia floor samples came today. Just waiting for our quote to come back.  I chose these from the web site so may need to go to a shop to see others as some I think are too dark. 


Day 83

Today was the day the builders started to clear out.  It is going to be really strange them not being here everyday. They will still be popping in to finish off  small jobs and once we have decided on our flooring they will come back and fit the skirtings and door facings. 

E&B will miss them as they have been so good with them and always been interested in what they have been up to at school and outwith. They both drew thank you cards for them that they gave this morning.   


The plasterer finished the harling and the windows look great, especially after their wash.    

Mark picked up the kitchen cupboards today after I forgot on my way home from work.  Need to nip back tomorrow as they didn’t give new hinges as the old ones were on the faulty door.  

They also resealed our bath upstairs which is fab as it was so mouldy it looked awful. The shower downstairs was tested by B last night after he came back from a cub walk with really bad hay fever after going through a hayfield. It sorted him out and we can use while the bath sealant dries. 

Had a carpet fitter out to give us a quote for carpets for the living room stair and new garage room. He also suggested amtico, karndean or earthworks for the floor so have been having a look online and ordered some samples. He will give us a quote and then we can decide about the hall and kitchen. 

Off now to use the Henry Hoover the builders have said I can use this weekend to get all the bits around house as we empty the living room ready for plastering on Monday. 

Day 82

It is the penultimate day of the builders before they start their next job on Monday. It is just down in cherry tree so they will be popping back to finish off anything still needing done. 

All the doors have been hung and handles are on. They make a huge difference and we are living them. Good choice mark. 


The harling has been done at the back of the house I think he is coming back tomorrow to finish at ther window frames.   

Day 81

We have door steps, much easier getting in and out of the front and back doors.     

The doors have started to go in.    


The builders have made doors for is for the utility cupboard and the attic space      

  Fab day out in the sun. Plasterer has been back and getting ready to harl the back. Spotted the new drain on the  house. 


Day 80

Early start this morning with Kevin and Jamie here at 7.45. They started by measuring the floor. The back room needs 40 square metres and the hall needs 11 square metres so that will help us budget for the flooring. It was great watching Jamie writing all the measurements on the wall. Good to show e and b how much you use maths. 

The piano has been moved out of the living room. We were a bit worried it wouldn’t get out the door because the wall wasn’t there when it went in. But it got out. Living room seems huge now. Just need to wait for the plasterer to do this room on Saturday morning.   
The plasterer was here today and the Velux surround has been finished off it looks fab now as it looked a bit squint before. 

Window sills have been put on the back windows. This is great as the upstand at the kitchen window was squint so now looks perfect.   

We are having to use the back door as the dip in the hall floor has been filled in. 


Day 79

Excited to come home today and see the kitchen as the blue protection had been peeled off.    


We are really pleased with how it looks. Came home from work early as E has a violin concert tonight. I used the oven for the first time to heat a shepherds pie. Forgot that I would need to burn off from oven before use so just as well I came home early. Oven is great and has a keep warm setting so tried this as the boys were later back from gymnastics. 

Plumbers have been back and flushed out the whole system apparently some of or existing radiotors had the blackest water they had ever seen. All clean now. 

The builders have floored the attic space ready for us to store everything. 



The roofer was back finishing the roof so the lead lining is all in place.     

Mark stayed in all day waiting for the new freezer to be delivered. When it still wasn’t here at 5 I phoned to discover that despite an email saying it would be delivered today it isn’t in stock.  It won’t be in the warehouse until Wednesday so hopefully here by the end of the week. I logged a complaint not sure it will do anything but made me feel better. 

Day 78

Was at the shops while B at gymnastics and got a phone call from the builder to let us know the electrician had been out and all lights and electrics in the kitchen were working.  Was standing outside pro cook so had to go in and buy some new utensils to use with our new pans.  

Mark was bringing a Chinese take away home and Ben was having tomato soup. I had brought the milk pan home from mums the other day so instead of the microwave we used the hob to heat it. Wasn’t what I thought my first use of the hob would be for. Loving the induction already had it boiling in less than a minute there is so much control.   

Here is the kitchen with all the cardboard removed. Can’t wait to take off the blue but just need to be patient for another week.   

The plumbers have been out today and all the radiators are on. They had the thermostat set to 30 so the house was like a furnace.  Tried our new hot tap in the kitchen and nothing came out. Then discovered there was no hot water in any tap.  Plumber popped back out as has forgotten to open a valve. 

Builders have started making the wooden door frames ready for the doors coming next week. 


The freezer is out the utility room as it is leaking so have had to buy a new one. It is getting delivered on Monday so off to deforest this one ready for them to recycle.