Day 83

Today was the day the builders started to clear out.  It is going to be really strange them not being here everyday. They will still be popping in to finish off  small jobs and once we have decided on our flooring they will come back and fit the skirtings and door facings. 

E&B will miss them as they have been so good with them and always been interested in what they have been up to at school and outwith. They both drew thank you cards for them that they gave this morning.   


The plasterer finished the harling and the windows look great, especially after their wash.    

Mark picked up the kitchen cupboards today after I forgot on my way home from work.  Need to nip back tomorrow as they didn’t give new hinges as the old ones were on the faulty door.  

They also resealed our bath upstairs which is fab as it was so mouldy it looked awful. The shower downstairs was tested by B last night after he came back from a cub walk with really bad hay fever after going through a hayfield. It sorted him out and we can use while the bath sealant dries. 

Had a carpet fitter out to give us a quote for carpets for the living room stair and new garage room. He also suggested amtico, karndean or earthworks for the floor so have been having a look online and ordered some samples. He will give us a quote and then we can decide about the hall and kitchen. 

Off now to use the Henry Hoover the builders have said I can use this weekend to get all the bits around house as we empty the living room ready for plastering on Monday. 

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