Day 84

It was a strange day yesterday coming home to an empty house. While our builders have been super clean and tidy it was fab not having to wipe down dust in the kitchen before making tea.  However, back to cleaning today.

The plasterer came and finished some bits in the hall and has plastered the living room.  

The painter arrived at 8.30 this morning and has started putting the first coat on the plastered walls. What a difference it makes. So glad we decided not to tackle this ourselves as I came home to no mess and the shower room, new hall and back room all painted with the first coat.   

Mark has been to the paint shed and got all the emulsion and acrylic paint for the kitchen and shower room.  Ben and I nipped back down at 4.30 to get more paint for the plaster as the painter has already used 15 litres  as he is needing more than he thought because the plaster soaking it up.   He is going to finish all the undercoat this week and will come back next week to do colours. 
Some amtico spacia floor samples came today. Just waiting for our quote to come back.  I chose these from the web site so may need to go to a shop to see others as some I think are too dark. 


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