Day 87

Howdy campers, how is everyone?  Mark is back today to give you an update, mainly to give you news of a miscommunication between Karen and I.  I would just like to state for the record that on this occasion I am 100% correct and it was Karen not paying attention!!  

When choosing a splash back for the kitchen I fancied the lime green but was over ruled by the girls but was then offered that wall to be painted that colour instead.  Sounded good to me.  So when it came to choosing the paints for the walls we selected various colours one morning before Karen left for work and I went to pick them up from the paint shed. This morning when Karen phoned for a progress report I was delighted to tell her that the lime green was on the wall.  Ha ha she says, very funny, we did not decide on lime green.  Oh yes we did, you said yes when I pointed to it on the paint chart.  This conversation went on for a minute before Karen realised I was being serious!  Oops.  Anyhoo, it is on now and I have to say is looking fab, an inspired choice by me. There is lots of it left too, so where shall I paint the rest??????

I managed to cut the grass this morning so the gardens look a little better although the front is in need of some major tlc. 

Robbie back tomorrow to do more painting and maybe, just maybe, Currys will deliver the freezer!  Delivery time between 0715 and 1115.  Not holding my breath………..


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