Day 80

Early start this morning with Kevin and Jamie here at 7.45. They started by measuring the floor. The back room needs 40 square metres and the hall needs 11 square metres so that will help us budget for the flooring. It was great watching Jamie writing all the measurements on the wall. Good to show e and b how much you use maths. 

The piano has been moved out of the living room. We were a bit worried it wouldn’t get out the door because the wall wasn’t there when it went in. But it got out. Living room seems huge now. Just need to wait for the plasterer to do this room on Saturday morning.   
The plasterer was here today and the Velux surround has been finished off it looks fab now as it looked a bit squint before. 

Window sills have been put on the back windows. This is great as the upstand at the kitchen window was squint so now looks perfect.   

We are having to use the back door as the dip in the hall floor has been filled in. 


Day 79

Excited to come home today and see the kitchen as the blue protection had been peeled off.    


We are really pleased with how it looks. Came home from work early as E has a violin concert tonight. I used the oven for the first time to heat a shepherds pie. Forgot that I would need to burn off from oven before use so just as well I came home early. Oven is great and has a keep warm setting so tried this as the boys were later back from gymnastics. 

Plumbers have been back and flushed out the whole system apparently some of or existing radiotors had the blackest water they had ever seen. All clean now. 

The builders have floored the attic space ready for us to store everything. 



The roofer was back finishing the roof so the lead lining is all in place.     

Mark stayed in all day waiting for the new freezer to be delivered. When it still wasn’t here at 5 I phoned to discover that despite an email saying it would be delivered today it isn’t in stock.  It won’t be in the warehouse until Wednesday so hopefully here by the end of the week. I logged a complaint not sure it will do anything but made me feel better. 

Day 78

Was at the shops while B at gymnastics and got a phone call from the builder to let us know the electrician had been out and all lights and electrics in the kitchen were working.  Was standing outside pro cook so had to go in and buy some new utensils to use with our new pans.  

Mark was bringing a Chinese take away home and Ben was having tomato soup. I had brought the milk pan home from mums the other day so instead of the microwave we used the hob to heat it. Wasn’t what I thought my first use of the hob would be for. Loving the induction already had it boiling in less than a minute there is so much control.   

Here is the kitchen with all the cardboard removed. Can’t wait to take off the blue but just need to be patient for another week.   

The plumbers have been out today and all the radiators are on. They had the thermostat set to 30 so the house was like a furnace.  Tried our new hot tap in the kitchen and nothing came out. Then discovered there was no hot water in any tap.  Plumber popped back out as has forgotten to open a valve. 

Builders have started making the wooden door frames ready for the doors coming next week. 


The freezer is out the utility room as it is leaking so have had to buy a new one. It is getting delivered on Monday so off to deforest this one ready for them to recycle. 


Day 77

The kitchen is in. Looking forward to the blue protection coming off to show the cream but worth waiting until the builders are finished. 


There is one cupboard door missing so hopefully that will get sent out when the broken door is replaced. 

The electricians have been in today and lots of lights and switches are in place.  

They are coming back on Tuesday when everything will work. So only one more weekend of no kitchen. 

Day 76

I came home from work today to a light filled hall. Since the roof went on the extension it has been in darkness. We were ok with this to get the space downstairs. However, today they cut the hall ceiling and the light is flooding in to the hall now.  


Plumbers are back today and the shower has been installed and the toilet and sink. Looking brilliant.    


The hob and sink are in place in the kitchen. (Everything is being protected by cardboard so you can’t get the full effect.)


The extractor fan is ready to go in tomorrow with the hole having been cut out ready.   

Doors are starting to go on units, typically one is damaged so I will nip back to magnet tomorrow to replace it. I have already been there today to pick up the glass splash back for behind the hob!  

Mark has come home with some floor samples need to make a decision about this however still more places to look. Really not sure about a wood effect floor next to the wood effect units.   

Day 75

The Velux window has been put in our existing attic.  


  They will now put a hole in the hall ceiling which will allow natural light into the hall. 

The kitchen is progressing the wall units are in place and the worksurface has been put on.    



They will cut out the hole for the sink and induction hob tomorrow. 

A painter we have used in the past came to day to give us a quote and reckons he can do all the painting in 8 days. He has given us a great daily rate so he starts week beginning the 15th and will fit us in doing 2-3 days a week.  We now need to choose some paint. 

Day 74

The base units are all in place for the kitchen and it is looking fab.  I had a dream last night that the grey units were actually black so was really pleased it looks like it should 😀 


  Electrician should be back on Friday or Monday to connect the oven etc. 

Toilet has been delivered and looks good hopefully will all get connected soon.   

Plasterer has been back and finishing off the hall.