While I was not expecting to come home to a lime green wall last week I have grown to like it and while I think the grey would also have looked good it is going to stay. Thanks to Katie for our lime green soap and to the gregsons for our lime worktop protector.  It is great now to be on holiday and enjoy our new space. With the sun this week the sliding door has been great so e and b can get in and out easily. 

We went on a family cycle round the reservoirs and rigg in the sun. 

We then came back to painting the banister it was mahogany with cream spindles. It is now all white.  However, it needs a second coat that will hopefully happen today or tomorrow. 

Robbie has been back and all emulsioning is done. The hall is willow green which is what it was before and looks great  freshened up. 

However now that I have painted the banister white all the other woodwork needs done so I am now on a mission. 

I have just given the hall mirror s coat of primer ready to go white before it goes back up.  
Just nipping down to Colin’s garage to pick up some more kitchen boxes and to pick two bar stools that I will prime later. The new attic space is going to be a great place to do projects like this.  

Just need to sort flooring now. 


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