Door facings and skirtings.

The house is almost finished and looking great now that the door facings and skirtings are all on. The builders were back last week and finished off yesterday.   


However, lots of filling holes, sealing edges and painting to be done. I have discovered decorators caulk and am loving how neat it has made everything.  

Mark has painted everything in the living room and garage room. I am working on the skirtings on top of the new floor.  Just taking it a bit at a time. 

The biggest transformation has been the door to the new attic. Th builders have put a bit of window sill under it which will make a huge difference to getting in and out.   

After – just need to finish painting

  Carpets have been ordered so hopefully will get fitted soon. We ordered six samples. We have chosen mineral (bottom left) for the garage room and stairs. It looks green in the picture but is actually grey and looks great with the floor. Then fleece (top left) for the living room.   

E and I popped into dobbies while B at Gymnasics and found some fab chrysanthemum plants for a planter at the front and back doors. 

  Hopefully the flowers will all open up soon and add some colour. 

When I was at my friend Katie’s she had a spare wooden IKEA shoe stand  which I acquired from her in a bid to save us both stepping into IKEA and spending more money. It needed a bit of sawing to make it fit. 

Think I might go and paint it white. 

Just need to collect the rest of our belongings from mums spare room and my brothers garage. 


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