Coving & Carpets

The coving is up.  Jamie came back yesterday afternoon and put up the coving for us.  It has screw holding it up overnight so I couldn’t paint it last night.  However, I got up at 7, took out the screws and filled in the holes and gaps with the decorators caulk.      

I managed to get the living room painted before Ian the carpet man arrived. 

 Everything was cleared and he and his friend started work on the stairs.    There was nearly a problem as the bottom step was loose but they managed to fix it.    

The grey wasn’t what we set out to choose but we are really pleased with how it looks.  The hall feels huge now and so clean. 

 The same colour is in the garage room and works really well.   
For the last 6 months the living room has changed from a living diner to storing all the extra furniture, being a temporary kitchen  and recently a very dusty room waiting for the carpet as the old one clashed very badly with the new red wall.    Today it has been transformed.  The dust is all gone, the settees have been washed down and feel clean to sit on, the glass on the TV unit is gleaming and the windows and fireplace cleaned.  E and I now sitting enjoying the space.   

 Just need to paint the hall coving and the last of the skirting board and then bring the rest of our things out of storage. 


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