Blinds and more

I haven’t blogged for a while but things happening at a much slower pace now.   We now have blinds in the back room which has made a huge difference now that the dark nights are here. We no longer feel like being in a goldfish bowl.  

We ordered grey blinds from shades which were fitted a couple of weeks ago.    

We are really pleased but I was disappointed by the use of a red rawl plug.  Think I will have to get the grey paint out to cover it up.  
 I ordered the scion fabric I had seen in John Lewis after much deliberation about which way the stripes should go and two Roman blind kits.  Mark got the drill out to secure the head rails in place.  
 I enjoyed making the blinds but the instructions I had, the blind was hanging too low in the window.  So I changed it for the second blind but am now going to have to take the first blind down and unpick all the tape for the rods and reposition but will be worth it to let more light in.  Here they are let down.

Just need to sort curtains or blind for the garage room.  

We now have a new freezer as the lec one we ordered in June from currys kept leaking at the bottom even after an engineer had been out twice. It was then out of stock so we had to choose another one.  Now have an Electrolux which is slightly bigger. However it had a very loud humming sound which stopped with some tape on the vent.  One last engineer visit and all sorted. 

Mark hired a van today to empty Colin’s garage and acquire their bed settee.   It is perfect in the garage  room just need to finalise its position and sort a unit for the TV also acquired from Colin.  Thank you both.  

The van full of boxes.    

The garage is almost empty. Just need to sell the freezer and see if mum wants the steam cleaner. 


Started putting a few pictures up tonight. The first was a birthday present of a picture of St. Andrews so pleased to be able to put it up. Thanks Jean.  

Mark has his sign up that Emma got for him in St. Andrews all ready for him to read in his library!  

Stopped putting anymore pictures up to make sure they go in the right spot.  Too many options and extra space with our new rooms.