Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We have been enjoying living in our new space and were all very excited about where all the Christmas decorations would go.   

There was no discussion that the advent calendar would go anywhere other than the wall it always has been in in the hall.  Day 1 told e and b to put up the Christmas tree. There was much debate if it would go in the front or back. We tried lots of spots but settler near the door in the living room.   

After being at the country living Christmas fair I spotted a fab white paper tree which is perfect for the back room.   

All the other decorations have found homes and we are enjoying having them all back out. 

We made two new decorations this year a reindeer head and a fabric wreath. Big debate now is whether the head stays up all year?

After being let down by someone who was going to fix our driveway Jonny who has done work on our garden came to our rescue and he has relaid the mono locks and is going to come back in the new year to widen the path, put slabs at the back and help us organise stones to replace the glass.     We also managed to get our house number, what should have been a quick job to drill two holes in the wall took two days to get the sign up but we got there eventually.   

We have enjoyed entertaining over the holidays and the kitchen works really well with lots of work surface space and easy access to all equipment. It will be put to the ultimate test on New Year’s Day when we cook steak pie for the 20 coulls.  

2015 was the year we got one more room.  This will be the last blog post as we now have the space and are going to enjoy spending time on it.  Thanks for sharing the progress with us. 


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