My table has gone

When we moved here 11 years ago one of our first purchases was an L shaped Ikea (gallant) table.  I remember using masking tape to check it would fit in.  It has been well used for the computer and many crafting projects.  However, recently it has become a dumping ground and we decided to create the living space we need we are no longer going to have space for this table.

My brother is working from home and has cleared space so he can use the table.  He popped round on Saturday night and we took the table to bits and transported it to his house.  I am sure we brought it back from ikea in our skoda but it just wouldn’t fit in the boot so in the end we had to tie the boot shut and he followed me to his house – but Marks reef knots were good!


It is just as well we managed to get it out the house as our builder popped round this afternoon to drop off some equipment and said they are going to start late next week.   Now need to speed up the clearing of the garage and back room as his plan is to put a stud wall where our breakfast bar is so he can work without disturbing us in the short term.


Ready for the Hut

Mark became a labourer today and helped the gardener Jonny dig out the space for him to lay the slabs.  They picked the worst day to do it after the snow from last night.  I think he will have sore arms tomorrow.


We decided to put the hut to the right of the garden as this gets the least sun leaving space at the other side.  Also the fence is not as nice at the right so the shed will hide this.

All 15 slabs have been laid, Jonny kept working until there was no more light.  A quick tidy up needed tomorrow and then we will be ready to take delivery of the shed next Thursday.IMG_0015

Making space for the hut

We need a hut in the garden to store all the things we keep in the garage to be able to convert it into a room.  We ordered a 10 by 6 hut at the weekend which gets delivered on the 5th February.  We are still undecided where the hut is going to go.  In the strong winds a few weeks ago one of our trees blew down. which gives us the option of putting the hut at that end of the garden.


We spent last weekend chopping it up and filling all the neighbours wheelie bins.  Today Mark dug out the roots ready for the slabs getting laid later this week.


Starting the clear out

Thanks to Bungalow Blogger for helping me out tonight to get my blog set up.  I am really looking forward to recording the next few months as the building work starts.

Before the building work starts next month,  (hopefully) we need to start clearing out all the ‘stuff’ we have and move lots out.

There is a local jumble sale next weekend so lots has gone in the pile to donate there, and lots packed up in boxes.  The first boxes of pictures, bedding and towels moved to my mums today so all systems go.

the first of many boxes
the first of many boxes